Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies

The FlowCam® particle analyzer by Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies combines the properties of single particle counting and analysis with the advantages of dynamic imaging. Therefore, you will receive single images that you can use to characterize your particles and cells, which makes the FlowCam® a perfect tool for the analysis of morphologies, stabilities and aggregation of cells and particles.

Due to its interchangeable objectives and flow cells, the FlowCam® 8100/8400 is eligible to measure particles in the range of 1µm to 600µm.

The FlowCam® Nano, operates in the range of 300nm to 10µm with the use of the oil immersion principle.

As the most affordable model of the FlowCam® family, the FlowCam®5000 comes with a selectable, but fixed objective. It operates, depending on the objective, in the range of 3µm to 1mm.

Additionally, there are the FlowCam® Macro, for particles ranging from 50µm to 5mm, and the FlowCam® Cyano, for automated identification of Cyanobacteria.