Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies

The FlowCam® particle analyzer by Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies combines the properties of single particle counting and analysis with the advantages of dynamic imaging. Therefore, you will not only receive particle counts, but also individual particle images that can be used for particle characterization. This makes the FlowCam the perfect tool for the analysis of morphologies, stabilities and aggregation of particles and cells.

Due to its interchangeable objectives and flow cells, FlowCam® 8100/8400 is able to measure particles in the range of 2 µm to 1 mm.

The new FlowCam® LO combines flow imaging and light obscuration in a single device and provides USP<787/788> compliance data.

FlowCam® Nano operates in the range of 300 nm to 2 µm. This is possible due to the combination of flow imaging and oil immersion microscopy, a high-resolution camera and a 40X objective.

As the most affordable model of the FlowCam® family, FlowCam® 5000 comes with a selectable, but not changeable objective. It operates, depending on the objective, in the range of 3 µm to 300 µm.

Additionally, there FlowCam® Macro, for particles ranging from 300 µm to 5 mm, and FlowCam® Cyano, for automated identification of cyanobacteria.

FlowCam® 5000 8000 8000+LO Cyano Macro Nano
Objectives interchangeable no yes no yes no no
Particle size 3 µm to 300 µm 2 µm to 1 mm 2 µm to 70 µm 2 µm to 1 mm 300 µm to 5 mm 300 nm to 2 µm
Minimum Sample Volume* 100 µL 100 µL 250 µL 100 µL 2 mL 50 µL
Laser + Fluorescence detection no 8100 – no
8400 – yes
no yes no no
Camera focus manual automatic automatic automatic automatic automatic
USP<787/788> compliance no no yes no no no
ALH compatible no yes yes yes yes** no

*Minimum sample requirement dependent on objective and flow cell used, larger flow cells require higher volumes

**ALH only handles small volumes (1 ml per sample), not recommended for use with FlowCam Macro