FlowCam® LO

The FlowCam® LO - combining flow imaging microscopy with light obscuration

The FlowCam® LO (Light Obscuration) is the first device to combine flow imaging microscopy and light obscuration in one instrument. A single sample passes through two sequential flow cells. Digital images are collected in the first flow cell, whereas LO data for USP <787/788> compliance is gathered using the second flow cell.


Light obscuration alone is not enough

Light obscuration only gathers data on particle diameter (equivalent spherical diameter or ESD), but can’t be used to determine the kind of particle measured. Various contaminants can have the same ESD as your particle of interest and therefore go unnoticed by using LO alone. Combining LO with flow imaging microscopy allows you to image the particles in your sample, enabling the characterization of particles and the detection of contaminants, while also providing the necessary LO data to meet USP regulations.


Key benefits of the FlowCam® LO

  • Collect flow imaging microscopy and light obscuration data at the same time
  • See your particles and achieve USP <787/788> compliance
  • Minimize sample volume and measurement time
  • Classification based on >40 measured parameters
  • calculation of cell counts, concentration and biovolume
  • Measure >10.000 particles per minute


How it works

Step 1: Flow Imaging Microscopy – obtain particle images with >40 measured parameters


Step 2: Light Obscuration – obtain USP compliant data



FlowCam® LO Specifications

Particle Size Range 2 µm to 70 µm
Magnification 10X (~100X magnification)
Minimum Sample Volume 250µL (0.250 mL)
Sample Processing Capability 0.2mL/minute
Flow Imaging Module Camera High resolution (1920x1200 pixels) CMOS. Monochrome and color available.
Frame Rate Shutters up to 100 frames per second
LO Light Source Solid-state laser diode, 785 nm
LO Detection Method Light extinction, volumetric
Fluidics Micro-syringe pump with 2.5 mL syringe
VisualSpreadsheet® Interactive, image-based analytical software that generates 40+ particle measurements per cell. Filter, sort, and classify data based on user-defined criteria. Create libraries to automate classification for future sample analyses.
Included Accessories Integrated Windows PC with VisualSpreadsheet® software, mouse and keyboard, Monitor
Device Dimensions H x L x W: 38cm x 45cm x 38cm