Flowcam® 5000

The FlowCam® 5000

After more than 20 years and more than 400 sold units, the new FlowCam 5000 is the most affordable model in the FlowCam family. The 5000 comes with a selectable, but not exchangeable objective with 4x, 10x or 20x magnification and a manual focus system.

Like other FlowCam models, the 5000 uses the VisualSpreadsheet® software, which offers more than 40 morphological parameters for measurement evaluations. The FlowCam 5000 is capable of measuring particles in the range of 3µm to 300µm with the automated, high throughput measurements you are used to from FlowCam systems.


Key features of the FlowCam® 5000

  • Automated particle characterization of microparticles (3µm to 300µm, depending on objective)
  • >40 morphological measurements for each particle
  • High resolution images
  • Measure >10.000 particles per minute



  • Water Quality and Drinking water Monitoring
  • Industry & Manufacturing
  • Microalgae cultivation and research
  • Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring
  • Phytoplankton & Zooplankton Analysis


FlowCam®5000 Specifications

Particle Size Range 3 µm to 300 µm (actual size range determined by magnification selected)
Magnification Choose one configuration per instrument:
20X (~200X total magnification) + corresponding flow cell
10X (~100X total magnification) + corresponding flow cell
4X (~40X total magnification) + corresponding flow cell
Focus System Manual Focus
Sample Processing Capability 0.05 ml/minute at 20X and up to 5 mL/minute at 4X
Camera High resolution (1920x1200 pixels) CMOS. Monochrome and color available.
Frame Rate Shutters up to 60 frames per second
Fluidics Micro syringe pump with multiple sizes to optimize flow rates: 0.5 ml, 1 ml, 5 ml, 12.5 ml
Data Acquisition Method Auto Imaging
Fluorescence Emission & Detection Available only in FlowCam 8400 and FlowCam Cyano
VisualSpreadsheet® Software Interactive, image-based analytical software that generates 40+ particle measurements per cell. Filter, sort, and classify data based on user-defined criteria. Create libraries to automate classification for future sample analysis.
Included Accessories Integrated Windows PC with VisualSpreadsheet® software, mouse and keyboard, Monitor.
Device Dimensions 17.3” (ca. 44cm) wide x 10.0” (ca. 26cm) deep x 10.5” (ca. 27cm) tall