Our Services

On-site demos

Contact us to evaluate the special demands of your analysis. Collaboratively, we eagerly give you advice on which instrument is ideal for your process. In the next step, we offer you a test measurement of your sample and conduct an on-site demo to give your team the opportunity to make themselves familiar with our technology, evaluate it and further discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the equipment.


Sale and instrument leasing

If you have a project where the purchase of an instrument is not worth it, we offer you the leasing of one of our own instruments for a limited time period. Training, installation and technical support during the lease are included.


Technical Support

If handling problems occur we are your point of contact in Europe. During our office hours - which lie in your time zone - we will be on hand quickest possible with our experience and know-how. Our close contact to the manufacturer supports to rapidly work out solutions for tough problems.


Maintenance/Service (contracts)

On-site at your company as requested:

  • calibration: IQ/OQ/PQ
  • GMP conform depending on the instrument

Aside from one-time maintenance, we offer you graded maintenance contracts with appropriate discounts depending on your internal guidelines. The calibrations are performed according to your guidelines or we develop reasonable procedures in collaboration with you. Depending on the instrument series, GMP conform calibrations are possible.


Measurement on comission in our lab

In our laboratory, we offer you measurements on commission if the purchase of your own instrument is not economical for you or if you cannot yet assess the number of samples you will have. Therefore, get in contact with us to clarify the modalities.



If an error occurs we are trained to repair your instrument. Long outage times and high costs through dispatch to the manufacturer in the US are thereby eluded. We analyse the error and repair your instrument in our shop as quickly as possible. Here too, you profit from the close contact in the same time zone.


Training of your staff, at request in-site

You have new staff, want to reactivate an instrument out of service - we eagerly train your staff in thr use of your instrument according to the requirements, update the software and examine your instrument.


Method development for efficient analysis of your samples

You have samples you do not get grip on?   -  We eagerly work out a method with your requirement and experience and our know-how.


Technical Support of projects and theses

If you need technical support for a project or thesis, please contact us.


If you are interested in our service or have any questions, please contact us.