Acorn Flow

Similar to the Acorn Area the Acorn Flow enables the operator to detect the specific surface sice of nanoparticles in suspension. But more to that it enables the user to circulate the sample from an external beaker to the cassette where the sample is measured and then returned to the sample beaker via peristaltic pump. By using a Peltier regulated controller, the sample temperature may be regulated. Furthermore, an external stirrer may be used to keep particles in suspension while they reside inside the beaker waiting to be measured. The influence of additives such as surfactants and dispersants on the particle-liquid interface of nanoparticle dispersions can be detected and analyzed with the Acorn Flow. The presence of surface active agents on the nanoparticle surface markedly alters the relaxation time of the dispersion until complete coverage of the particle surface area is achieved. Thereafter, additional surfactant does not change the relaxation time significantly.

The Acorn Flow can also be used to monitor other changes at the particle liquid interface, such as flocculation processes.