Acorn Chek

As experience shows, the best place to control quality is in manufacturing. Resulting from that, XiGo Nanotools redesigned the Acorn Area to meet the needs of manufacturing and created the Acorn Chek. Now, for the first time, measurements of wetted surface area are available online.

The Chek is ideally suited to measure concentrated dispersions used in ceramics for MLCCs, battery slurries, abrasives, etc. Since the Chek uses magnetic resonance rather than light, it has some convincing advantages. It is not necessary to dilute your samples to perform a measurement, and obscuration effects associated with light based measurements are eliminated. Since the Chek measures wetted surface area, it is uniquely sensitive to the smallest particles because they represent the largest percentage of the total area. Even though the Chek does not measure size distribution directly, surface area measurements are more sensitive to the true size distribution than direct size distribution measurements based on light because small particles scatter light with weak intensity, making them difficult to detect using light.