Acorn Series

Instruments of the Acorn series measure the particle liquid interface of suspensions without dilution, providing a sensitive tool for research and development as well as quality assurance.

The majority of manufactured products involve dispersions of particles in a liquid, either in the final state or at some stage of production. While dry powder methods are suitable to test incoming dry powder raw materials, they cannot provide information about the particles when dispersed in a liquid.

The XiGo Software is designed so that measurements can be performed with little operator training, making their technology accessible to R&D and QC/QA/in-Process applications. Xigo’s patented technology is based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and, although small in size, functions as a portable NMR machine, capable of a wide range of standard NMR tests in addition to surface area measurements. XiGo seeks to provide devices that help scientists, researchers and corporations improve the performance of nanomaterials ushering the transition of these materials from the research laboratory to commercial applications.

No sample preparation such as drying or degassing is required. High concentration dispersions are measured directly; without dilution.