Flowcam® Cyano

The FlowCam® Cyano – Automated Detection of Cyanobacteria and Algae

The FlowCam® Cyano has been developed for the automated identification of cyanobacteria. From a technical standpoint, the Cyano is a FlowCam® 8400 with a 633 nm laser and 2 channel fluorescence detection at 700 nm ± 10 nm for chlorophyll and 650 nm ± 10 nm for phycocyanin. Additionally, it uses a software package which enables the automatic differentiation between cyanobacteria and algae.

Of course, the FlowCam® Cyano still offers all the features of the regular FlowCam® 8000 series, such as interchangeable objectives and flow cells and the VisualSpreadsheet® software, which measures more than 40 morphological parameters and performs image analysis and classification. 


Key features of the FlowCam® Cyano

  • Cyanobacteria and algae detection
  • Interchangeable objectives and flow cells
  • Classification based on >40 measured parameters
  • much faster than traditional microscopy
  • calculation of cell counts, concentration and biovolume
  • High resolution images
  • Measure >10.000 particles per minute
  • Self-cleaning program



  • freshwater and drinking water analysis
  • phytoplankton and zooplankton research
  • harmful algal bloom monitoring


FlowCam® Cyano Specifications

Particle Size Range 2 µm to 1 mm
Magnification & Flow Cells 20X (~200X total magnification) + corresponding flow cell
10X (~100X total magnification) + corresponding flow cell
4X (~40X total magnification) + corresponding flow cell
2X (~20X total magnification) + corresponding flow cell
Sample Processing Capabilities 0.05 mL/minute at 20X and up to 5 mL/minute at 2X
Camera & Frame Rate High resolution (1920x1200 pixels) CMOS. Monochrome and color available.
Frame rate recommended maximum 60 fps, maximum 100 fps
Fluidics Micro syringe pump with multiple sizes to optimize flow rates: 0.5 mL, 1 mL, 5 mL, 12.5 mL
Data Acquisition Method fluorescence based laser triggering and auto imaging
Fluorescence Emission & Detection -633 nm laser- Ch 1: 700 nm ± 10 nm (Chlorophyll) / Ch 2: 650 nm ± 10 nm (Phycocyanin)
VisualSpreadsheet® Interactive, image-based analytical software that generates 40+ particle measurements per cell. Filter, sort, and classify data based on user-defined criteria. Create libraries to automate classification for future sample analyses.
Included Accessories Integrated Windows PC with VisualSpreadsheet® software, mouse and keyboard, monitor
Device Dimensions H x L x W: 38cm x 45cm x 37cm