Flowcam® ALH - Automated Liquid Handling System

ALH for FlowCam®- Automated Liquid Handling

The ALH for FlowCam Automated Liquid Handling system - combined with FlowCam 8000 series instruments – enables the uninterrupted processing of up to 384 samples. The samples are stored, prepared and injected by the ALH for FlowCam system and then measured and analyzed by a FlowCam 8000 series instrument.

An integrated heating/cooling system keeps samples at the ideal temperature until they are analyzed. Additionally, an automatic preparation of the sample before the measurement can be programmed.

The high-throughput, automated sample analysis makes ALH for FlowCam ideal for biopharmaceutical analysis, microalgae cultivation and industrial research as well as industry and manufacturing.


Key features of ALH for FlowCam®

  • Automatic handling of up to 384 samples
  • Improved repeatability
  • Increased productivity
  • Integrated heating/cooling and shaking system
  • Programmable pre-analysis sample preparation
  • Positive pressure HEPA filtration
  • Compatible with FlowCam 8100, 8400, Cyano and LO