About us

ANASYSTA e.K. is an owner managed company which is specialized in analytical systems for the characterization of cells, particles, emulsions and dispersions for 20 years. By different optical, acoustical of potentionmetrical techniques particle sizes can be determined, as well as morphologies of particles, cells, bacteria or algae to stabilize and optimize product qualities.

Our customers are well-known research institutes, companies and industry in the sectors chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, water, groceries, renewable energies and semiconductor industry in Europe. We offer our customers all-around service for the whole lifespan of the installed systems. These systems are applied both in research and quality assurance.

The company of fascinating issues in research and development, development of measuring principles as well as concepts for quality assurance we count among the challenges which we develop in close contact with our customers.

Due to the close contact to customers and manufacturers of our systems we became an experienced and reliable partner for high quality and solution-oriented demands and interestes to both sides.

Due to long-term experience and the close contact to our customers we became experts in the field of particle analysis and can support you with accession, adaptation of your already available systems and problem solving.


Our portfolio consists of:

  • Basic guidance regarding the available state of the art procedures and measurements (digital image and particle analysis)
  • Product demonstrations as well as sample analyses
  • Supply and installation of test systems
  • Support during the test- and pilot phase
  • Development of the corresponding sample preparation for significant results (method development)
  • Installation, implementation, adaptation and qualification of lab and production systems
  • Training/coaching, support, maintenance, IQ/OQ/GMP
  • System replacement and disposal
  • Service lab for individual orders as well as framework agreements for regular measurements


Technologie partners

ANASYSTA only cooperates with manufacturers of modern and high quality technologies