Flowcam® Macro

The FlowCam® Macro – optimized for large particles

The FlowCam Macro enables the imaging and analysis of particles in the range of 300 µm to 5 mm.

The Macro reaches a flow rate of about 750 ml per minute with the help of an external peristaltic pump, is available with a monochrome or color camera and uses a 0.5X objective. A 2 mm as well as a 5 mm flow cell are included with each instrument.  

Like all other FlowCam models, the Macro uses the VisualSpreadsheet® software, enabling automated particle characterization. VisualSpreadsheet® allows for the creation of custom libraries, which the build-in pattern recognition software can use to automatically sort and group particles and provide you with concentrations and counts for all your specified particle types.


Key benefits of the FlowCam Macro

  • Automated particle characterization of large particles (300 µm to 5 mm)
  • High volume measurements (up to ~750 ml/min)
  • Sample can be captured for reuse after analysis
  • >40 morphological measurements for each particle
  • Superior image quality
  • Measure >10.000 particles per minute



  • Zooplankton identification and characterization
  • Food & beverage characterization
  • Sphericity measurement of manufactured beads/industrial microspheres
  • Fiber characterization
  • Particle analysis of polymers, crystals, powders and other chemicals


FlowCam® Macro Specifications

Particle Size Range 300 µm to 5 mm
Magnification & Flow Cells 0.5X objective, 2 mm and 5mm flow cells
Camera & Images High resolution (1920x1200 pixels) CMOS. Monochrome and color available.
Flow Rate 100-900 mL/minute, larger particles use lower flow rates.
Fluidics Not included, a high-capacity industrial peristaltic pump is sold separately
VisualSpreadsheet® Interactive, image-based analytical software that generates 40+ particle measurements per particle. Filter, sort, and classify data based on user-defined criteria. Create libraries to automate classification for future sample analyses.
Included Accessories Integrated Windows PC with VisualSpreadsheet® software, mouse and keyboard, Monitor
Device Weight & Dimensions H x L x W: approx. 38 cm x 45 cm x 37 cm (without pump)
approx. 38 cm x 82 cm x 60 cm (with pump)